I just discovered Dave Ramsey’s radio program

I just discovered Dave Ramsey’s radio program a few months ago, and I now listen to him and his callers almost every night.

His show is entertaining and useful even for those not in financial crisis, and for those who ARE in financial crisis, he gives them hope even when it looks like there is no hope.

He does that largely by helping them sort things out. For one example, a desperate caller talked about being much in debt to “check cashing” companies who were actually making loans at outrageous fees.

He talks very strongly and sternly… like a “Dutch uncle”… and he does bawl people out for doing foolish things, but then he turns kind and tells them what to do about it.

In the case of the “loan sharks”, he ranted and raved about “near criminals” who take advantage of people in trouble, then, “OK, we have to pay them, but they get paid last, OK!!”

He says some of the same things that have been argued back and forth here… He says pay off the little bills first, because that gives you a feeling of accomplishment, and it’s important to get your self esteem back… and he takes it from there to talk about getting your life in order, so that you fix the problem, not just get a temporary solution.

Here is his website; Right there on the front page is a box with a link to his radio program information. Click there and it leads to a page where you enter your home town and they respond with the station if they have one in your area.