I have the following suggestions

I have the following suggestions:

1. Go to the ftc web site www.ftc.gov and review your rights under the FAIR DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICES ACT.

2. File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of Delaware www.bbb.org against Chase. This can be done online. Put down Chase Bank USA and it should lead you to the Delaware web site.

3. Try negotiating directly with Chase. Call 1-800-Chase-99 to get their executive offices.

I’m new here and can’t get out of dept

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but I’m almost 46, filed my 1st bankruptcy in December and still having problems. This is what happened. After I filed bankruptcy, I needed a car, so I borrowed money from Quik Check to pay the $1000 down-payment, the next 2 payments were $500 and now I’m down to $300 a month and in June it will be paid off.

I paid off the bad credit loan at www.ElcLoans.com I got after bankruptcy to build my credit so I could buy a house. I used the credit cards to pay off Quik Check. Every month I pay off the credit cards except last month I paid off only 1 and the other I paid $80 on it. I very much want to move back east because I’ve been stuck out here since basically 1990 when I got out of the military and haven’t had the opportunity to go back until now.

My income is $2519 a month

  • $300 Premier Credit card
  • $300 Aspire Credit card
  • $300 car payment
  • $115 Quik Check(keep having to take loans)
  • $504 Mobile Home Mortgage & lot rent
  • $ 8 HSLDA(Homeschool attorney)
  • $ 44 daughter’s lunches at school(she buys)
  • $ 73 Qwest local phone
  • $ 9 Webband internet
  • $154 Avista(electric)
  • $200 Groceries approx
  • $200 Gas
  • $ 73 Car ins(full coverage and $100 deductible
  • $ 30 House ins
  • $ 25 allowances(divided among 3 kids)
  • $ 16 oil change(every other month I have to change my oil every other month because I go to Montana a lot to pick up my son)

And there’s always tons of one time things we need.

Anyone have any idea how to get moved fast.

I appreciate this interest

Thanks for asking… I appreciate this interest… I’m torn over what to do… I have paid all the debts via Enrolled Customer Trust except this last one, which was the Chase account. I have had people call from 2 other places, and today some horrid extremely obnoxious guy called from yet another agency, and I am so sorry I did not insist on getting his name and company name and phone number before letting him speak.

I tried to explain and asked why he was calling since 2 others are calling as well. He called me a liar etc many other things! He was extremely adept at talking over me no matter what I tried to say! He wanted a lump sum settlement and there was no discussing anything else. I explained I had $2,000 paid in and could afford $300 per month, but he wanted none of that. He was threatening to take the ‘next step’ whatever that might be, I don’t know. The original debt with Chase was $4350 as of May 2002, now it is double that amount. I have paid $14,145 into ECT, the original debts totaled $9233.86 when I signed up with this company, three years ago.

I don’t know if that was a good idea, but at the time I became convinced it was the best solution. Now I am not so sure, but it can’t be undone! I was current on all of my accounts when I signed up, although some had high interest, hindsight now tells me perhaps I should have tried to negotiate a hardship case with each company separately. Water over the dam…

At this point I don’t know whether to continue with the debt settlement company or try to negotiate something with one of these callers. Here’s the last deal in a nutshell…

  • Original actual debt $4350
  • Current ‘stated’ debt $8700 (or something close to this..)
  • $1933 is presently saved in the settlement account, payments are $290 which apparently includes $39.95 monthly in ‘service charges’

I can now afford $350 per month, …MAYBE as much as $500 now that I have (just last month) relocated my struggling business and have cut down my overhead (I’m self employed.)

Suggestions? Advice?