Courts are almost always for the mother

My personal observation is that the courts are almost always for the mother having custody unless you can prove that she is a danger to your children or she is willing to give them to you. You can try to get joint custody if she is willing to cooperate.

In my case I tried for joint, but her attorney said joint would not work because of the lack of cooperation between us. I have evidence that all the lack of cooperation was on her part.

That didn’t matter to the court, and because we could not get along they then when through the process of determining who was the best parent. If you go this route, don’t be the one doing the character assassination. Even go to the point of saying “you want your child to have a relationship with their mother”. This will help make you look like the good guy. Get other people to do the character assassination.

Even better would be people not related or friends of yours. Teachers and counselors get unbelievable weight in courts. If you can get them in court ask them to write an avid avid. If your ex has a criminal record especially anything violent that might help. You definitely need a good attorney.

But get some recommendations and ask you attorney up front what your chances are. Beware some attorneys know the odds are against you, but will take your money anyway. If the odds are againts you consider saving your money. Also some judges now will increase your visitation time, but don’t count on your CS to be reduced. I wish you the best of luck.