Dave Ramsey and cellular

Posted just a week or so ago and then earlier this summer. I agree Dave Ramsey totally rocks and I am listening to his program online and it is the best thing that has happened to me since I found this group.

I cant say enough about it.

An aside that literally blew me away. I posted months ago complaining of my huge cellular bill due to my teens running up the bill and me being fed up and cancelling 4 phones. Well I neglected to read the small print and got smacked with a 150.00 per phone cancellation penalty fee. I continued 60.00 per mo payments on an 800.00 bill and they immediately put it into collection.

Well I got a brainstorm. I found the name and address of the senior VP of cellular online and snail mailed a letter of complaint against the spurious and unfair charges.

Well, last week I received a phone call from California forgiving the debt and a check for 19.00!!They said we were good customers for over 5 years. How about that.

Older, wiser and still don’t need a cell phone.