I appreciate this interest

Thanks for asking… I appreciate this interest… I’m torn over what to do… I have paid all the debts via Enrolled Customer Trust except this last one, which was the Chase account. I have had people call from 2 other places, and today some horrid extremely obnoxious guy called from yet another agency, and I am so sorry I did not insist on getting his name and company name and phone number before letting him speak.

I tried to explain and asked why he was calling since 2 others are calling as well. He called me a liar etc many other things! He was extremely adept at talking over me no matter what I tried to say! He wanted a lump sum settlement and there was no discussing anything else. I explained I had $2,000 paid in and could afford $300 per month, but he wanted none of that. He was threatening to take the ‘next step’ whatever that might be, I don’t know. The original debt with Chase was $4350 as of May 2002, now it is double that amount. I have paid $14,145 into ECT, the original debts totaled $9233.86 when I signed up with this company, three years ago.

I don’t know if that was a good idea, but at the time I became convinced it was the best solution. Now I am not so sure, but it can’t be undone! I was current on all of my accounts when I signed up, although some had high interest, hindsight now tells me perhaps I should have tried to negotiate a hardship case with each company separately. Water over the dam…

At this point I don’t know whether to continue with the debt settlement company or try to negotiate something with one of these callers. Here’s the last deal in a nutshell…

  • Original actual debt $4350
  • Current ‘stated’ debt $8700 (or something close to this..)
  • $1933 is presently saved in the settlement account, payments are $290 which apparently includes $39.95 monthly in ‘service charges’

I can now afford $350 per month, …MAYBE as much as $500 now that I have (just last month) relocated my struggling business and have cut down my overhead (I’m self employed.)

Suggestions? Advice?