I appreciated your honesty

I appreciated your honesty. The tone of your post was positive even though what you had to say doesn’t leave many options which of course is NOT your fault. It’s mine for getting so far in debt.

If the 3rd legal issue is resolved that would completely wipe out my debt and allow us to get back on track. This action has been pending since 2013 so I am hoping that it will be resolved by December.

Combine that with the bonus I should receive in February and I will be just fine. We had filed for bankruptcy and then changed our mind thinking (hoping) that the money from the lawsuit would come in before we had to do that.

We completely revamped the budget and just yesterday I cut down some of our expenses even more. It’s funny how you have some things that you thought were necessary to survive and they really aren’t.

Which brings me back to the question about the allotment sheet. If that would hold off some creditors until my legal issue is resolved then that would be great. I know that I would have to work hard to repair the damage but I would feel better doing that then filing bankruptcy. If we filed for bankruptcy and then when I received the proceeds from the lawsuit and my bonus they would be completely be taken from me to pay my creditors. Understandable but my credit would still have BANKRUPTCY written all over it and I just think that looks worse. May be my misperception though.

So again thanks for the post. Your approach was what I was looking for in the blog. The previous post left me feeling stupid for joining.

Thanks and have a great day.