I joined this blog in hopes of getting some help

My husband and I have approximately $65,000 in unsecured debt. Yes that’s not a mistype and that is not including our mortgage.

Our combined income is approximately $2,000 a month. There are times when my husband would bring in more (overtime possibility but not consistently available) and there’s a chance I would get a bonus early next year which could be a shot in the arm for getting us back on track.

I’ve pared down the budget to the very bare minimum and would only have $111 a month to spread between 8 creditors. This would translate to $13 to each creditor and a whopping $7 extra to one.

I’ve read Dave Ramsey and some of Suzy Orman’s materials.

We’ve previously considered filing bankruptcy but do not have the $$ to pay an attorney at this time. We’ve thought of asking our creditors to be patient as we would like to snowball our debt similar to Dave Ramsey’s suggestions.

Does anyone have any knowledge as to what creditors can do if we can only pay a pitifully small amount? And has anyone had any success in getting creditors to work with you?

We’ve started looking into possibly a debt management company but have not fully explored Dave Ramsey’s suggestions and would welcome input from this blog.

Thanks for listening!