I’m new here and can’t get out of dept

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but I’m almost 46, filed my 1st bankruptcy in December and still having problems. This is what happened. After I filed bankruptcy, I needed a car, so I borrowed money from Quik Check to pay the $1000 down-payment, the next 2 payments were $500 and now I’m down to $300 a month and in June it will be paid off.

I paid off the bad credit loan at www.ElcLoans.com I got after bankruptcy to build my credit so I could buy a house. I used the credit cards to pay off Quik Check. Every month I pay off the credit cards except last month I paid off only 1 and the other I paid $80 on it. I very much want to move back east because I’ve been stuck out here since basically 1990 when I got out of the military and haven’t had the opportunity to go back until now.

My income is $2519 a month

  • $300 Premier Credit card
  • $300 Aspire Credit card
  • $300 car payment
  • $115 Quik Check(keep having to take loans)
  • $504 Mobile Home Mortgage & lot rent
  • $ 8 HSLDA(Homeschool attorney)
  • $ 44 daughter’s lunches at school(she buys)
  • $ 73 Qwest local phone
  • $ 9 Webband internet
  • $154 Avista(electric)
  • $200 Groceries approx
  • $200 Gas
  • $ 73 Car ins(full coverage and $100 deductible
  • $ 30 House ins
  • $ 25 allowances(divided among 3 kids)
  • $ 16 oil change(every other month I have to change my oil every other month because I go to Montana a lot to pick up my son)

And there’s always tons of one time things we need.

Anyone have any idea how to get moved fast.