Why not a settlement company

Why not a settlement company,and who did you use that you wouldn’t recommend, and who is the debt management company you use that is such a good help?

Can you share that info?

Most of us here are learning as we go, and have made a lot of little and not so little mistakes with our finances. I find that there are very few people who will even talk about budgets and money, let alone try to help you. That is why this group it great.

Anonymity helps…you have the occasional jerk Now I can think of two. If nothing else you know you are not in the boat alone, others are on the same boat. I wish I could offer more help.

I have found that since I have started to write down everything we spend I don’t spend as much, and if I go into the store I write down a list before I go and get only what is on the list for the week, has helped, so much I find extra money a lot, and I couldn’t of told you that 6 months ago. I reuse to let the debt win….take care.